Sons of Voltaire


The Sons of Voltaire has been a name adopted by some of the membership of Acacia XLII for our "Book Club". The Acacia Book Club does not operate as a book club by practice but more as an unstructured research society. The purpose of this very loose-knit gathering is to read, discuss, debate and share ideas that are not only products of a Masonic persuasion, but also those of a classical education. Topics like philosophy, history, theology, political science, mythology, rhetoric, sociology or anything else that may appeal to the conversation is explored. During any given meeting those present may watch and discuss a historical documentary, share an interesting piece of literature they may have come across, or just listen for the benefit of experiencing civil discourse in an open and enlightening way.

We encourage all Masons and those petitioning to join Masonry to attend these meetings because, although there is no formal structure (neither needed nor wanted), it provides an environment of open forum where ideas may clash but the mutual respect for those willing to learn go untainted.

The Sons of Voltaire meet every other month. For specifics about the upcoming presentations please see our 'Announcements / Events' tab.