Secrets of the Freemasons by Michael Bradley

What can you say about a book that whisked itself into the bargain section of Barnes and Noble two months before the motion picture release of The Da Vinci Code hit theaters? You can say that this was an author fast off the mark to make a profit while the world was going bat-crazy over anything that had the words secret, mystery, code or hidden in the title. Now that I think about it I should have hastily published a book called The Secret Hidden Mysterious Codes of the Freemasons. I’ll bet I could have made a few bucks on that.

Anyways, back to the book. The Secrets of the Freemasons is your run of the mill conspiracy laced book with plenty of liberal interpretations of history. I read it in an hour and a half and thought about it for about two minutes afterwards only to admire the pictures in it which seem to be the only thing it is good for. The book is filled with anachronistic mistakes and makes ample use of the already-known-to-be-a-hoax works of Leo Taxil and others who have based their findings off Taxil in the past. The book makes claims that Lenin was a 31st Degree Mason which in itself is a stupid statement on many levels, and it also alludes to the idea that the seal of the U.S. (not the reverse on the cover) is filled with symbolism that points to the American York Rite bodies, which again is factually and historically impossible. I don’t think this man did any kind of real research besides what would earn him a C in a 6th grade history class.

This book is very cheap, as it should be, considering the utter lack of intellectual content and truth, but if you feel like paying $9 for a book with some cool looking pictures in it, go ahead.

Review by John A. Nichols